Comment of Mark Mullins

Justin McCurry “Revelations since Shinzo Abe death shed light on Moonies’ influence”


Those same shared values sustain the present-day relationship between the church, whose members are often referred to as Moonies, and the LDP, according to Prof Mark Mullins, director of the Japan Studies Centre at the University of Auckland.

“Conservative LDP politicians do share some values with the Unification church - their anti-communism and, more recently, family values, including opposition to same-sex marriage,” Mullins said.

While LDP lawmakers have often publicised their ties to conservative Shinto and other organisations*3, “it appears that they were not keen to have their association with the Unification church to be widely known,” Mullins added.

“This is probably related to the negative image of the church due to complaints and lawsuits by former members over deceptive and high-pressure fundraising and recruitment activities.”


Justin McCurry “Shinzo Abe shooting: who are the ‘Moonies’ and why are they in the spotlight?”

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