Attacks to Marx

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ハフポスト日本版編集部「マルクスのお墓が荒らされる 「憎悪の教え」と赤ペンキで落書き」

倫敦のハイゲイト墓地にあるカール・マルクスの墓*1が今月に入ってから、2度も襲撃を受けている。先ずは2月4日に、墓の大理石の墓碑にハンマーが打ち込まれ、Karl Marxという文字が傷つけられているのが発見された。2月16日には、朱色のペンキで、「ヘイトの教義」、「ジェノサイドの設計者」、「ボルシェヴィキホロコースト記念碑(Memorial to Bolshevik Holocaust)」*2などの文字が落書きされているのが発見された。犯人は見つかっていない。

Paul Mason*3 “The hammer attack on Karl Marx’s tomb shows the alt-right fears his time has come”


But if you’re thinking the vandals probably had no idea who Marx was, don’t kid yourself. The global far-right alliance that stretches from Moscow to Portland, Oregon, is at war with what it calls “cultural Marxism”*5. Every angry racist boy on Xbox knows who Marx is. He is enemy number one.

When hundreds of neofascists marched through Charlottesville with burning torches in 2017, shouting that “Jews will not replace us”, the city was targeted, said organiser Jason Kessler, because it had “absorbed these cultural Marxist principles advocated in college towns across the country, about blaming white people for everything.”

Google “cultural Marxism” and you’ll be led quickly down the rabbit hole of right-wing paranoia. The theory is that, having failed to overthrow capitalism via the class struggle, the social theorists of the Frankfurt School evolved cultural Marxism to destroy it through political correctness.

In May 2017, Rich Higgins, a deranged Trump adviser, placed a memo on the president’s desk warning him that the entire American deep state, media, academia, the banks, Islamists and the Republican Party leadership had become prey to “political warfare memes centered on cultural Marxist narratives”. And when Anders Breivik murdered 77 people in Oslo in July 2011, he issued a manifesto containing hundreds of references to “cultural Marxism”, against which the only option was armed struggle.

To the new far right, everything they don’t like is Marxism. So it’s no surprise that a memorial that survived the left-right battles of the 1930s, the Cold War and the Thatcher era suddenly gets attacked.

In the mindset created on right-wing bulletin boards, from the troll farms of Lithuania to the frat houses of New England, every woman with an independent sex life, every bus driver with a hijab, every mixed race child, every Brazilian skateboarder walking the streets of London… all these and more are evidence of Marxism’s all-pervasive influence.


Giles Tremlett “Urinating on Jorge Luis Borges's grave was an artistic act, says Chilean writer” *8