Black is beautiful?

Jamie Doward “Black humour is sign of high intelligence, study suggests”

ブラック・ユーモアを解する人はIQや学歴が高く、自己肯定感が強く、攻撃性が低い傾向にあるというウィーン医科大学のUlrike Willingerさん*1らによる調査*2

The British Psychological Society Research Digest blog*3 reports that the study found three groups of participants. The group with the highest sick humour appreciation and comprehension scored the highest in verbal and non-verbal IQ tests, were better educated, and scored lower for aggression and bad mood.

A second group showed moderate comprehension of the jokes but enjoyed them the least. These were people with average intelligence scores, but had the highest negative mood and the highest aggression levels.

The third group showed moderate sick humour comprehension and preference, had average intelligence scores, but were generally of a positive mood and had moderate aggression scores.

この研究で「ブラック・ユーモア」の例として使用されたのは独逸の漫画家Uli Stein*4の作品。
ヒューモアとしての唯物論 (講談社学術文庫)

ヒューモアとしての唯物論 (講談社学術文庫)




笑いとユーモア (ちくま文庫)

笑いとユーモア (ちくま文庫)

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