Stepping Down of Vacanti


Paul Knoepfler “STAP News From Harvard? Vacanti Stepping Down as Chair & Going on Sabbatical”


Now today I’ve heard from a source that senior STAP cell paper author, Dr. Charles Vacanti, will be stepping down as Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology in a couple weeks. He indicated this decision in an email to his departmental colleagues.

It is formally possible that this may not linked to the whole STAP cell situation, but there could well be a connection. Vacanti was not only the senior author on the STAP cell Nature article, but was also the key mentor to STAP first author, Haruko Obokata (both pictured above).

Paul Knoepfler氏はヴァカンティ氏が病院同僚に送った挨拶のメイルを引用している。そこにはSTAP細胞への言及はない。しかし、突然すぎるということはあるだろう。軽々に断言してしまうのは慎まなければならないが、この唐突さが小保方晴子ショックというか笹井芳樹ショックと関係があると勘繰ってしまうのも不自然なことではないだろう。