雄羊 (ちくま学芸文庫)

雄羊 (ちくま学芸文庫)

ガダマーのパウル・ツェランWer bin ich und wer bist du? Kommentar zu Celans »Atemkristall«からの引用;

祝福を授ける者の近さと恵み=贈与(don)が、私たちにはあまりにも欠けているので、祝福は、もはや石化した形でしか現われない。ところが詩*2が言うところによれば、熱烈に、必死で、繰り返しながら祝福を授けるこの手、貧窮者のこの手の祝福が探し求められるのである。(cited in p.33)

そのことによって、大胆な転倒が生じる。つまり祝福を授ける手から、祝福と希望に満ちたメッセージが、それを読み取る者にとって、その中に隠されている手へと移行するのである。(cited in p.34)

さて、内部と外部の関係についてのデリダ的な用語”invagination”について、Jonathan CullerのOn Deconstruction*3から抜書きをしておく。デリダの”Living On”を参照して、Culler曰く、

What we think of as the innermost spaces and places of the body—vagina, stomach, intestine—are in fact pockets of externality folded in. What makes them quintessentially inner is partly their difference from flesh and bone but especially the space they mark off and contain, the outside they make inner. An external frame may function as the most intrinsic element of a work, folding itself in; conversely, what seems the most inner or central aspect of a work will acquire this role through qualities that fold it back outside of and against the work. The secret center that appears to explain everything fold back on the work, incorporating an external position from which to elucidate the whole in which it also figures. (pp.198-199)

As we noted when discussing parerga*4, the effect of self-reflexivity is produced by folds. When a text folds back upon itself it creates what Derrida calls an “invaginated pocket,” in which an outside becomes an inside and an inner moment is granted a position of exteriority. (...) Deconstruction emphasizes the self-referential moments of a text in order to reveal the surprising effects of employing a portion of a text to analyze the whole or the uncanny relationships between one textual level and another or one discourse and another. The notion of a text accounting for itself is another version of self-presence, another avatar of the system of s'entendre parler. Texts work in self-referential ways to provide concepts that are strategically important in reading them, but there is always, Derrida would say, a lag or a limp. “Ca boite et ca ferme mal”(La Carte postale, P.418). Boxing itself in, a text does not produce closure. (p.205)
On Deconstruction: Theory and Criticism After Structuralism

On Deconstruction: Theory and Criticism After Structuralism




*4:Cf. La Verite en Peinture

La Verite En Peinture

La Verite En Peinture