Daniel Cohn-Bendit on Hannah Arendt

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2005年12月にDie Weltに掲載されたDaniel Cohn-Benditへのインタヴューの英訳版。両親の親友だったハンナ・アレントについて語る。
ここでは、「シオニズム」について語っている箇所を抜き出しておく。”Hannah Arendt's position on Zionism was complicated in an interesting way; she vacillated between agreement and rejection. Do you see your own position reflected in that?”という質問に対して、

Hannah Arendt realised that Jews wanted to have a place somewhere where they could live in peace as Jews. That's a kind of primary Zionism that I can understand for the generation of people who lived through the Holocaust. I was born later. And I am A-Zionist. That means I am neither pro nor anti Zionist. I can understand Jews wanting to live in Israel – but I want to remain a Jew of the diaspora. Hannah Arendt sensed in 1947 and 48 that the violent-military assertion of the state of Israel would lead to a permanent state of conflict. At the same time, the Six Day War represented a reality: there was only one state of Israel and despite all criticism, she stood in solidarity with the people of Israel. She did not want to do away with Israelis.
また、タイトルの”The philosophical Madonna”を巡って;

On another subject: Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger. Can you explain that for us?

No! But that's the nice thing about life: love and sex cannot be explained rationally, philosophically. I always say: Hannah Arendt is the philosophical Madonna. Put it this way - Madonna is the woman who said: I'll take the man that I want. Whether that's Christ - who she takes down from the cross in her famous music video – or her sports teacher, or whoever else. And Hannah Arendt is a political philosopher who can think radically, who takes on her teacher Heidegger with her radical thinking, who falls totally in love with this man – and the love was enduring. It was buried deep in her head and in her body. Some relationships are not to be explained; one has to accept that.

さて、菅野賢治「われら亡命者 パリ亡命時代のハナ・アーレント(一九三三−一九四〇年)」(『現代思想』25-8、1997、pp.276-292)に曰く、

現代思想1997年7月号 特集=ハンナ・アーレント

現代思想1997年7月号 特集=ハンナ・アーレント