“Special diploma in social studies”


Ben Quinn “Ferdinand Marcos Jr urged to stop pretending he has an Oxford degree” https://www.theguardian.com/education/2022/may/16/ferdinand-marcos-jr-urged-to-stop-pretending-he-has-an-oxford-degree

比律賓の次期大統領に当選したフェルディナンド・マルコス・ジュニアは牛津大学でPPE(Philosophy, Politics and Economics)を専攻し、卒業したと称している。しかし、英国在住のレニ・ロブレド支持者がその真偽をオックスフォード側に照会したところ、大学当局は、マルコス・ジュニアは学士号を取得していないと回答した。

The university has confirmed that he did not complete his BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics after enrolling in 1975.

“According to our records, he did not complete his degree, but was awarded a special diploma in social studies in 1978,” Oxford said in a response to a freedom of information request lodged by a UK-based Filipina supporter of Marcos Jr’s nearest rival in last week’s election.


The issue of Marcos Jr’s Oxford degree first emerged seven years ago when his profile on the website for the Philippines senate stated that he had obtained an Oxford degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).

Newly published letters last year revealed that the envoys for his father had lobbied senior figures at Oxford University’s St Edmund Hall to preserve the son’s academic career after he failed examinations on a number of occasions.

Previously published documents revealed that Marcos failed two of his three preliminary exams at Oxford in the summer of 1976, later doing only enough to pass one of two resits – failing politics for a second time. Discussions followed between emissaries of Marcos Sr and John Kelly, the principal of St Edmund Hall, who was asked if they could “think of any special circumstances which would warrant the college departing from its normal rule”.

A deal was eventually hammered out in which Marcos was allowed to continue his PPE studies but was transferred to a special diploma in social sciences, a programme that has since been discontinued.

ところで、”special diploma in social studies”はどう訳せばいいのだろうか。勿論、degreeとdiplomaの差異というのは英国の学位制度を理解する上で重要な事項であることはいう迄もないのだけど。

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