Removal of a German Rifle


Reuters “Kalashnikov statue altered after sculptor's monumental error”

先日モスクワに姿を現したミハイル・カラシニコフ銅像。その一部に致命的な間違いがあることが明らかになった。台座背面にはカラシニコフが開発したAK-17その他の銃が描かれているが、その中に誤って独逸のSturmgewehr 44 (StG 44) *2が紛れ込んでいた。銅像を製作した彫刻家のSalavat Shcherbakovは誤りを認め、 StG 44は取り外された。
ところで、そもそもAK-17と StG 44は似ていると言われてはいた;

Kalashnikov’s weapon, created in 1947, does have a striking resemblance to German arms designer Hugo Schmeisser’s StG 44 rifle, created in 1942, although they have major design differences.

Kalashnikov was known to have said he had heard speculation that he had copied the German rifle. Vladislav Kononov, executive director of the Russian military and historical society, was quoted by Russian media as saying that the fact that angry Russians had spotted the error disproved that. Many had earlier vented their disapproval on social media.

“Every cloud has its silver lining. Thanks to this mistake ... a myth has been destroyed that Kalashnikov borrowed some elements of his invention from his foreign colleagues,” he said.