Authentic/real/Janis Joplin

Mark Paytress “Pain in My Heart” Mojo May 2010, pp.52-61

その最後の部分を抜き書き。(早すぎる)晩年の彼女の広報係を務め、後に彼女の伝記『生きながら葬られて(Buried Alive)』を書いたMyra Friedmanとジャニス・ジョプリンが宝石店に行く話で、authenticとrealの対比が面白かった;

Janis and I were on our way to Bloomingdale’s one day,” remembers Myra Friedman. “And we passed a jewellery shop with a sign outside that said “Authentic Garnet Rings.” She went in, walked up to this cigar-smoking guy and said, ‘Mister, that garnet you have in the window. Is it real?’ ‘It says it’s authentic!,” he barked back.
“’I know it says authentic,’ Janis replied, ‘I wanna know if it’s real!’’’
Being real always bothered Janis Joplin. It would, no doubt, have given Pearl rather less pause for thought. (p.61)