Barry Feinstein

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写真家のBarry Feinstein氏死す。享年80歳。マーティン・スコセッシのドキュメンタリーNo Direction Home*1のポスターやDVDのジャケットに使われたボブ・ディランの写真はBarry Feinsteinが撮影したもの。

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No Direction Home [DVD] [Import]


In 1958, Feinstein met Albert Grossman in a nightclub in Los Angeles and was immediately hired to photograph the fledgling manager's new act: a folk group called Peter, Paul and Mary. Soon after the shoot, Feinstein married the singer Mary Travers*2. It was Travers who took him to see the young Dylan at a coffee shop in New York's East Village. "I had to figure it out," Feinstein later said of his first encounter with Dylan's music. When Dylan looked at Feinstein's black and white pictures, he was immediately impressed, commenting on their "angles" and "stark atmosphere" which, he said, reminded him of the work of Robert Frank.

A 10-minute photoshoot with Dylan produced the intense portrait that became the cover of the singer's third album, The Times They Are a-Changin'. Shot from below, it is all angles and stark atmosphere. It was the first of several iconic record cover portraits by Feinstein. They include Pearl by Janis Joplin (the photo session happened the night before she died of a drug overdose), and All Things Must Pass by George Harrison, in which the ex-Beatle sits in his garden at Friar Park, Henley-on-Thames, surrounded by ornamental gnomes.

彼が手がけたロックのレコード・ジャケットではやはり(レコード会社の圧力で当初は没になった)ローロング・ストーンズBeggar's Banquetに言及しないわけにはいかないだろう(公衆便所の落書きの写真)。また、彼はマリリン・モンロー自死の直後に彼女の部屋に入り込み、ベッドサイドの薬瓶の写真を撮っている*3