Return of Dreamers

Seán Twomey*1 “Army Dreamers Goes Viral on TikTok and Instagram!”

ケイト・ブッシュが1980年に発表した”Army Dreamers”がTikTokInstagramで突然バズり始めた。それに伴って、戦争と貧困を歌ったこの曲のストリーミング再生数が急増している。ケイトの過去の曲が再ブレイクするというのは、2022年にドラマStranger Thingで使用されたことによって”Running Up That Hill”が再ブレイク*2して以来のこと。

Never Forever

Never Forever


Kate Bush has been one of the patron saints of TikTok and virality in general since at least 2022, when her “Running Up That Hill” became a resurrected hit – initially boosted by a big Stranger Things synch – thanks largely to the app. The last couple months, she’s had another revived single to her credit, albeit one probably significantly less familiar even to stateside fans who were around for “Hill” on the first go-round: “Army Dreamers,” third single from Bush’s 1980 album Never for Ever.

While “Dreamers” was a top 20 hit in the U.K., it was likely a little too challenging for U.S. top 40 audiences of the time, with its austere waltz arrangement, anti-war lyrics and piercing Bush vocal. Nonetheless, clips of the song – and in particular, its war-themed music video, featuring the singer-songwriter running through the jungle in military fatigues and full makeup – have been racking up views by the millions the past couple months. As a result, weekly official on-demand U.S. streams of the song have risen from under 80,000 for the tracking week ending Mar. 14 to nearly 1.1 million the week ending Apr. 18, according to Luminate – a cumulative gain of 1291%.

“Dreamers” still has a ways to grow before it’s a threat to run back up the charts the way Bush’s signature hit did a couple years ago. Then again, we do hear there’s a new season of Stranger Things coming our way shortly…
(Kyle Denis, Jason Lipshutz and Andrew Unterberger "New Taylor Swift Album Boosts Streams for The Starting Line, The Blue Nile & Other Honorary ‘Tortured Poets’" )