Kaiser Kuo


唐朝のオリジナル・メンバーでリード・ギタリストだった郭怡廣( Kaiser Kuo)が現在北京で某広告代理店のディレクターをしていることを知る。また、彼の経済ジャーナリストとしての活動は今まで知らなかった。

Co-founder of one of China's most successful rock bands: Tang Dynasty;

When Kaiser Kuo joined the leading advertising agency Ogilvy as their director of digital strategy in 2007, he had already a varied life in China's booming internet. As an opinion leader in his industry, Mr. Kuo worked at the famous magazine Red Herring as their Beijing bureau chief, but his activities have not been limited to that leading publication.

In the one-and-a-half decades in China he worked as a technology and business writer for such publications as Time, TimeAsia, China Economic Review, Asia Inc., and the South China Morning Post. He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and has an MA in East Asian Studies from the University of Arizona. Mr. Kuo was co-founder and lead guitarist of one of China's most successful rock bands, Tang Dynasty. He lives in Beijing with his wife and two kids.