Stephan Feuchtwang、潘乃谷

王銘銘『西方作為他者――論中国”西方学”的譜系與意義』*1の「致謝」すなわちAcknowledgmentで、費孝通、 Stephan Feuchtwang、潘乃谷、Marshall Sahlinsの名前が挙げられている。 費孝通とMarshall Sahlinsはともかくとして、 Stephan Feuchtwangと 潘乃谷はどのような人だかわからなかった。
先ず、 Stephan Feuchtwangについて;

Professor Stephan Feuchtwang is a senior research associate of the Department and Programme Director for the MSc China in Comparative Perspective. He has been engaged in research on popular religion and politics in mainland China and Taiwan since 1966, resulting in a number of publications on charisma, place, temples and festivals, and civil society. He is presently engaged in a comparative project exploring the theme of the recognition of catastrophic loss, including the loss of archive and recall, which in Chinese cosmology and possibly elsewhere is pre-figured in the category of ghosts. He is pursuing this project through field studies in Berlin as well as in Taiwan and mainland China. Most recently he has been pursuing a project on the comparison of civilisations and empires.
王銘銘との共著に、Grassroots charisma in China (2001)という本あり。