JENNIFER 8. LEE “And if It's a Boy, Will It Be Lleh?”

Nevaeh――” nah-VAY-uh”と発音するらしいが、heavenを逆さに綴ったもの。
何故、この名前がこれほどに急速にブームになったのか。その背景には、米国におけるエヴァンジェリカルプロテスタントの勢力拡大がありそうだ――”The surge of Nevaeh can be traced to a single event: the appearance of a Christian rock star, Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D., on MTV in 2000 with his baby daughter, Nevaeh. "Heaven spelled backwards," he said.”ということである。また、

The name has hit a cultural nerve with its religious overtones, creative twist and fashionable final "ah" sound. It has risen most quickly among blacks but is also popular with evangelical Christians, who have helped propel other religious names like Grace (ranked 14th) up the charts, experts say. By contrast, the name Heaven is ranked 245th.
それから、American Name Societyなんていう団体があることも初めて知る。