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 ヤードバーズの初代ギタリスト アンソニー“トップ”トプハムが死去
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エリック・クラプトンジェフ・ベックジミー・ペイジを輩出したことで知られるヤードバーズThe Yardbirds*2。サイトNoise11.comによると、その3人の前任である初代ギタリストのアンソニー“トップ”トプハム(トップ・トーパム/Anthony ‘Top’ Topham)*3が死去。75歳でした。



トップは1970年にソロ・アルバム『Ascension Heights』を発表。1980年代にはジム・マッカーティと再開し、The Topham-McCarty Bandとして活動。2000年代には、クリス・ドレヤとジム・マッカーティを中心にした新生ヤードバーズにゲスト参加し、2013年から2015年にかけてはヤードバーズに正式メンバーとして再加入していた。


Topham went on to art college, where he formed bands with his friend Duster Bennett. He joined Winston G and the Wicked (later renamed The Fox), playing alongside Marc Bolan.

After a final gig with Winston G at London's Roundhouse, Topham revived his association with Bennett, recording a live album with him. This led to an introduction to Mike Vernon and his Blue Horizon label. Topham became a session musician for Blue Horizon, playing with Peter Green and Christine McVie.

Topham recorded a solo album for Blue Horizon, Ascension Heights. While Bennett was touring with John Mayall in 1970, Topham fell seriously ill and had to abandon the music industry again. Topham joined the spiritual movement Subud, in which he participated for the rest of his life, taking first the name Rashid and then Sanderson.

Upon his recovery two years later, he entered the fine-arts business, but a chance meeting with Jim McCarty led Topham to return to the blues in 1988. The Topham-McCarty Band was formed and played for two years until Topham decided in July 1990 to pursue country blues. As a session musician he played 12-string guitar on "Broken Waltz Time" on the Bill Morrissey album, Night Train (Philo Records). Later, Topham and Jim McCarty teamed again up to contribute the track "Drifting" for the double album Rattlesnake Guitar: The Music of Peter Green.

In the 2000s, Topham guested with the latest edition of The Yardbirds under the co-leadership of McCarty and Dreja, and performed with John Idan in sporadic concerts of his own. He also played alongside eminent boogie-woogie pianist Bob Hall. He officially became a member of The Yardbirds again in 2013, replacing Dreja, who was forced to leave the band for medical reasons. In May 2015, Topham left The Yardbirds and was replaced by Johnny A.

1970年代の重要なイヴェントは大病と Subud*4という宗教(スピリチュアル)運動への入信だったことになる。
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