Thierry Mugler

Le Monde “Thierry Mugler, styliste qui a marqué la mode française, est mort à 73 ans”
“Thierry Mugler: French fashion designer dies aged 73”
Associated Press “French fashion designer Thierry Mugler dies at 73”
Guardian staff and Agence France-Presse “French fashion designer Thierry Mugler dies aged 73”


Mugler, who launched his brand in 1973, became known for his architectural style, defined by broad shoulders and a tiny waist. The use of plastic-like futuristic fabric in his sculpted clothing became a trademark.

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He defined haute couture over several decades, dressing up Diana Ross and Beyonce at galas, on red carpets and runways.

His designs weren't shy about being outlandish, at times resembling robotic suits with protruding cone shapes. Mugler also had a popular perfume line, which he started in the 1990s.


The LGBTQ community was a frequent source of talent and inspiration for the designer. Mugler cast trans models in his runway shows as early as the 1980s, and frequently collaborated with drag artists and club kids on and off the runway, including corsetmaker Mr Pearl.

Mugler’s use of corsetry and his exaggerated approach to the female body has drawn criticism, but the designer was no less extreme with his own physique. In 2019, the normally reclusive designer posed for a nude photoshoot with Interview Magazine and discussed his exhaustive body-building routine and cosmetic surgeries. “I think it’s important for people to be a complete realisation of themselves. I have always been fascinated by the human body, and I wanted to pay homage to what it can do,” he said*2.
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