Th-i-i-i-i-s time


David Moye “Starbucks Barista In Philadelphia Accused Of Mocking Stuttering Customer”


The customer, who is only giving his name as “Sam,” is a 28-year-old University of Pennsylvania graduate student who said he recently ordered an iced coffee, according to

When he gave his name to the barista, he said, she made fun of him by saying, “OK, S-S-Sam.”

To make matters worse, when he got back to his office, he noticed the name on his cup read “SSSam.”

“It’s rare, as an adult, that that kind of disrespect happens,” Sam told the paper. “It happens, but it’s really rare to see it in print.”

Sam’s situation bothered his friend Tan Lekwijit, who posted a photo of the plastic cup on Facebook, first on Starbucks’ page and later on his own page after the company repeatedly deleted the complaint.

Michelle Lou “Starbucks Fires Employee Who Mocked Customer With Stutter”


On Tuesday, Starbucks commented on Lekwijit’s post again to say that the employee no longer works at Starbucks. A spokesperson confirmed to HuffPost that the employee was terminated.
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