Mother Teresa Canonized

Harriet Sherwood “Mother Teresa declared a saint by Pope Francis”


In fact, since being elected in March 2013, Pope Francis has declared 29 saints, approximately one every six weeks. It is a prolific rate compared with his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI, who during his seven-year reign canonised 45 saints. However, it pales in comparison to the record 482 declared by Pope John Paul II. Even accounting for the fact that his reign lasted 26 years, John Paul II bestowed sainthoods at a faster rate (more than one a month) than Francis. John Paul II was himself canonised by Francis, in April 2014.

In an unprecedented double canonisation mass for past pontiffs. he was declared a saint alongside another towering figure of the 20th-century church, John XXIII, in St Peter’s Square in Vatican City*2. In other firsts, last year in January Francis declared Sri Lanka’s first saint, Joseph Vaz, and in October Louis and Zélie Martin, known for being the parents of the 19th-century French saint Thérèse of Lisieux, became the first married couple to ever be canonised together.

In September last year, Francis attracted controversy when, on a visit to the US, he canonised Junípero Serra, a Spanish missionary who helped colonise California in the 18th century, despite protests by Native Americans. During his homily Francis said Serra “sought to defend the dignity of the native community”. But the move enraged representatives of California’s last surviving Native American populations who accused Serra of being responsible for the near eradication of California’s native peoples*3.


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