Leytonstone knife attack


Vikram Dodd and Robert Booth “Leytonstone knife attack: police find possible evidence of terror motive”http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/dec/06/leytonstone-tube-knife-attack-police-material-terror-motive

12月5日の夜、倫敦のレイトンストーン地下鉄駅で、ナイフを持った男が”This is for Syria”と叫びながら、通行人を襲撃し、1名が重傷、もう1名が軽傷を負った*2 。警察はスタンガンを用いて、男を取り押さえ、逮捕した。管見の限りでは、犯人に関する報道はなされていないようだが、警察当局は「テロリスト的な動機に結びつく物的証拠(Material pointing to a terrorist motive)」が見つかっていると述べている。

Salim Patel, the owner of a shop in the station, said the attacker punched a victim to the ground before using his knife. “The victim was shouting ‘somebody help, somebody help’ and the tall man was punching him so hard,” he told LBC radio. “When he fell on the floor, he started kicking him and then I called the police. When he started stabbing or cutting something on his body, everybody ran away … It was scary.”

In one video, the attacker is seen confronting several people in a station corridor. One person was filming him at a distance of a few metres on his mobile phone. Another approached the attacker and was struck high on his body, and an onlooker said: “He stabbed someone.”

A nearby police officer then drew what appears to be a Taser from his belt and took aim at the attacker. “Taser him, Taser him, Taser him,” said one bystander. The officer fired but it appeared to have little effect and the attacker advanced again.

Other members of the public, including an elderly man, can be seen watching yards behind the attacker’s back. Officers fired a Taser at the suspect again, which sent him crashing to the floor. While the suspect was on the ground after being detained by police, he shouted words that led one person to reply: “You ain’t no Muslim, bruv,” according to a video posted on social media*3.

無知を告白すると、記事の中にあるTaserって何だ? と思った。これはスタンガンの一種なのね*4。また、動詞としても使われている。

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