Alan Sillitoe

BRUCE WEBER ” Alan Sillitoe, ‘Angry’ British Novelist, Dies at 82”


Mr. Sillitoe, who grew up desperately poor and left school at 14, had a long and prolific career, and he spent much of it plumbing the privations of his childhood for material. He published more than 50 books — including poetry, essays, travel writing and fiction for both adults and children — along with a handful of plays and screenplays. But he never repeated the acclaim or the influence that accrued to his first works of fiction, which were published in the late 1950s and led critics to group him with the so-called angry young men, writers like Kingsley Amis, John Braine, John Wain and the playwright John Osborne who were also describing characters in revolt against the British class system.
長距離走者の孤独 (新潮文庫)

長距離走者の孤独 (新潮文庫)