Xinhua “Tomb is definitely Cao Cao’s: expert” Shanghai Daily 14 January 2010

王巍中国社会科学院考古研究所所長は「西高穴村高陵2号墓」を曹操の墓と断定したようだ。Shanghai Dailyに載った新華社の記事から引用;

The occupancy of the tomb was proven by its style, size, level, age and relics, especially inscribed objects. It was an established system adopted to identify many other ancient tombs in China, Wang said.
The relics used as evidence were directly unearthed from the tomb. Other objects retrieved from grave robbers were taken into consideration only as references.
Inscriptions on the eight tablets in the tomb describing weapons often used by “Wu King of Wei” were unquestionably solid evidence, sad Wang.
“This title of Cao Cao was used only for one year, enabling us to precisely nail down the tomb’s age. Also the size, location, level and style of tomb are all in line with historical recordings of Cao Cao’s tomb,” he said.