China and Japan(James Fallows)


Andrea Wong, Joanne Yao, Lisa Weir, Li-sa Lim and Jessica Beaton “Hot Authors Hot Topics” CityWeekend February 19-March 4 2009, pp.14-17から。

You’ve lived and written in Japan and China during periods of rapid economic growth. What do you feel has been the most profound difference between these two Asian powerhouses?
という質問に対して、James Fallows氏曰く、

There are obvious differences--for instance, the huge difference in scale between Japan and China, and the fact that China is still full of poor people while Japan coped with that issue long ago. But the biggest single difference between the two countries, to me, has always been the relative openness of China to foreigners—their presence, there investments, their products, their ideas—versus Japan. I find it a much lighter burden to be foreign in China than in Japan, although I was much more comfortable with the Japanese language than Chinese. (p.15)

ところで、西蔵中路の沐恩堂(Moore Memorial Church)が修復工事のため、一時閉鎖;

Liang Yiwen “Moore Church to get a face-lift” Shanghai Daily 20 February 2009