Cockfight in New Mexico

ADAM B. ELLICK “A Ban on Cockfighting, but Tradition Lives On”


After two weeks of preparation, 150 officers, backed up by a helicopter, slipped into this sleepy desert town. Their focus was not illegal immigration or drug smuggling, but a less pressing crime: cockfighting.

But when they raided what was billed as the Christmas Cockfighting Derby in December expecting to find 300 cockfighters, they found fewer than a dozen people. The cockfighters had been tipped off, the police said, and the officers issued tickets for four misdemeanors before seizing 12 shrieking roosters.

ところで、闘鶏といえば、やはり故クリフォード・ギアーツ先生*1の”Deep Play”ということになる。
The Interpretation Of Cultures (Basic Books Classics)

The Interpretation Of Cultures (Basic Books Classics)

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