Chris McGreal “Christian militia members held for plot to kill policeman and bomb funeral”

米国ミシガン州を拠点とする「基督教民兵組織」であるHutareeのメンバーが反政府蜂起の扇動を目的として、警察官殺害及びその葬儀への爆弾テロを計画した容疑で逮捕された。Hutareeとは「基督教戦士(Christian warrior)」という意味であるらしい。

Hutaree describes its doctrine as based on the testimony of Jesus and warns of a looming battle with the antichrist. "The Hutaree will one day see its enemy and meet him on the battlefield, if so God wills it," the group says in its literature.

Among the forums on the group's website is one dealing with weapons, and another called the "evil Jew forum".

Last month, a prominent civil rights group warned of a surge in the number of anti-government extremist groups and armed militias, driven by deepening hostility on the right to Barack Obama, anger over the economy, and the increasing propagation of conspiracy theories.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre identified Michigan as one of the states with the highest number of rightwing militias and extremist "patriot" groups. The number of such organisations rose by nearly 250% to more than 500 last year.

The centre said police officers were a favoured target of extreme rightwing groups, with six murdered by militias since Obama became president.

ミシガン州ってそういう州だったの? それから、オバマ大統領が就任して以来既に6人の警官が右翼団体にテロられているというのも凄い! また、米国にとって皮肉なことは、今回ぱくられた連中がイラクの反米蜂起に技術的な側面で学んでいたということだろう。
また、このような新興右翼団体だけなく、John Birch Societyのような老舗の右翼団体も負けてはいない;

The Conservative Political Action Conference this February was cosponsored by groups such as the John Birch Society, which believes Dwight Eisenhower was a communist agent, and the Oath Keepers, which suggests that the government has secret plans to declare martial law and intern "patriotic Americans in concentration camps," the SPLC said.

NICK BUNKLEY and CHARLIE SAVAGE “Militia Charged With Plotting to Murder Officers”