Debut of Sun’s Signature

Evan Minsker “Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser Shares New Sun’s Signature Song “Golden Air”: Listen”

コクトー・ツィンズのエリザベス・フレイザー*1とそのパートナー、デイモン・リースの新プロジェクト、 Sun’s SignatureがEP Sun’s Signature を6月18日にリリースする*2。それに先立って、”Golden Air”のヴィデオが公開されている。

The project has been gestating for over two decades in some form or another following Cocteau Twins’ dissolution, with some songs having been performed live or recorded in some form or another.

Fraser has spent the past several years making records with Oneohtrix Point Never and Jónsi. She joined Massive Attack for some Mezzanine*3 anniversary tour shows. In 2016, she provided music for the original series The Nightmare Worlds of H.G. Wells.