Intimate Japan: Ethnographies of Closeness and Conflict(Info)

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With Emma E. Cook, I co-edited a new volume focused on intimacies in contemporary Japan - "Intimate Japan: Ethnographies of Closeness and Conflict." It has been recently published as a hardback through the University of Hawai'i Press and also through Open Access, which puts the full text online. We hope that the volume might be interesting to scholars, teachers, and students, and the Open Access version means that it would be free to assign to your students.

The printed version is here:

... and the Open Access version is here:;keyword=intimate%20japan

The volume includes chapters exploring a range of topics as well as one collecting the reflections of each contributor about their research methods. We hope that chapter, listed below in the Table of Contents, might be especially helpful to students and scholars working on related questions.

Chapter 1. Introduction: The Stakes of Intimacy in Contemporary Japan (Allison Alexy)
Chapter 2. Students Outside the Classroom: Youth’s Intimate Experiences in 1990s Japan (Yukari Kawahara)
Chapter 3. Resisting Intervention, (En)trusting My Partner: Unmarried Women’s Narratives about Contraceptive Use in Tokyo (Shana Fruehan Sandberg)
Chapter 4. Romantic and Sexual Intimacy Before and Beyond Marriage (Laura Dales and Beverley Yamamoto)
Chapter 5. What Can Be Said? Communicating Intimacy in Millennial Japan (Allison Alexy)
Chapter 6. My Husband Is a Good Man When He Doesn’t Hit Me: Redefining Intimacy among Victims of Domestic Violence (Kaoru Kuwajima)
Chapter 7. Power, Intimacy, and Irregular Employment in Japan (Emma E. Cook)
Chapter 8. Manhood and the Burdens of Intimacy (Elizabeth Miles)
Chapter 9. Gender Identity, Desire, and Intimacy: Sexual Scripts and X-Gender (S. P. F. Dale)
Chapter 10. Beyond Blood Ties: Intimate Kinships in Japanese Foster and Adoptive Care (Kathryn Goldfarb)
Chapter 11. Making Ordinary, If Not Ideal, Intimate Relationships: Japanese-Chinese Transnational Matchmaking (Chigusa Yamaura)
Chapter 12. Connections, Conflicts, and Experiences of Intimacy in Japanese-Australian Families (Diana Adis Tahhan)
Chapter 13. Reflections on Fieldwork: Exploring Intimacy (all contributors)