Justin McCurry “Japan rejoices as boyband Smap say they are not splitting up “


The group’s swift return to the Japanese pop music firmament even drew a response from the prime minister, Shinzo Abe.

“Similar to the world of politics, there must be many challenges for one group to last so long,” Abe said in response to a question by an opposition MP at a budget committee meeting. “It is good that they will stay together, as that is what their fans wished for.”

The chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga, applauded the decision, saying it would fulfil the “hopes and dreams of the public”.

Justin McCurryさんは、この増田とか読んでいるのだろうか;



Associated Press “Star of anti-dolphin killing film The Cove held by Japanese immigration”

ドキュメンタリー映画ザ・コーヴ*2の出演者Ric O’Barry氏が成田空港のイミグレーションで日本への入国を拒否された。彼は弁護士を通じて入国拒否に異議申し立てを行っている。しかし、入国が許可されるのか米国への強制送還になるのかは、まだ明らかではない。

ザ・コーヴ [DVD]

ザ・コーヴ [DVD]