After Patti Smith(memo)

Hermione Hoby, Gemma Kappala-Ramsamy and Kathy Sweeney “Patti Smith: how she rocks our world”

今年65歳になるパティ・スミス姐さん*1の新譜Bangaが来月早々にリリースされるんだね。また 1992年に刊行された彼女の散文集Woolgatheringも最近再刊された*2。この記事はパティ・スミスの影響を受けたという若い世代のミュージシャンたちへのインタヴュー。インタヴューされているのは、

Martha Wainwright
Juliette Lewis
Johnny Marr(Ex. Smith)
Ana Matronic(of Scissor Sisters)
Ed Harcourt
Shirley Manson
Patrick Wolf
Emmy the Great


The lasting image is also the first: the photograph of Patti Smith that everyone knows was taken just weeks before the world learned who she was. In it, she's wearing a white shirt and braces, their crisp elegance at odds with the scruffy thatch of her hair. With the jut of her hip, the jacket slung over her bony shoulder and that slight tilt to her chin, the effect should be completely insouciant. But then there are her fragile-looking hands gathered effeminately, self-protectively at her heart. Shot by her soulmate, Robert Mapplethorpe, this is the cover of 1975's Horses, her first album and the record that was the catalyst for punk. She looks simultaneously defiant and vulnerable – a perfectly apt combination for a musician, poet, painter and photographer whose art has always been as much about grace as ferocity.
とはいっても、この記事で使われているのはLynn Goldsmith撮影の1977年のポートレイト。こちらの方もかっこいいということはいう迄もない。