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Telos Press has recently published a special issue on China. Please see the details below.

TELOS 151 (Summer 2010) special issue
"China: Critical Theory, Market Society, and Culture"

Russell A. Berman and Ban Wang

Lu Xinyu
Deconstruction, Justice of the "Other," and Enlightenment Spirit: Notes from Reading Derrida

Kerstin Klein
"New Authoritarianism" in China: Political Reform in the One-Party State

Haomin Gong
Unevenness in Contemporary China: A Critical Inquiry

Rebecca E. Karl
The Flight to Rights: 1990s China and Beyond

Hai Ren
The Neoliberal State and Risk Society: The Chinese State and the Middle Class

Haiyan Lee
From the Iron Rice Bowl to the Beggar's Bowl: What Good Is (Chinese) Literature?

Magnus Wilson
China's Cultural Evolution: Canon-mockery, E'gao, and Red Dining

Christian Sorace
Saint Mao

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