”The Swiss have voted not against towers, but Muslims.”


Tariq Ramadan “My compatriots' vote to ban minarets is fuelled by fear” http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/belief/2009/nov/29/swiss-vote-ban-minarets-fear

Tariq Ramadan氏は瑞西生まれ。氏によると、瑞西にはそもそも「ミナレット」は4つしかない。Union Démocratique du Centre (UDC)は最初、「伝統的なイスラーム的動物屠殺法」をターゲットにしようとしたが、類似した食物に関する戒律を有するユダヤ*2との衝突を恐れて、ターゲットを「ミナレット」に変更したらしい。
Tariq Ramadan氏は瑞西のみならずヨーロッパ全体に拡がる反ムスリムの雰囲気について、以下のように述べる;

At the very moment Europeans find themselves asking, in a globalising, migratory world, "What are our roots?", "Who are we?", "What will our future look like?", they see around them new citizens, new skin colours, new symbols to which they are unaccustomed.

Over the last two decades Islam has become connected to so many controversial debates – violence, extremism, freedom of speech, gender discrimination, forced marriage, to name a few – it is difficult for ordinary citizens to embrace this new Muslim presence as a positive factor. There is a great deal of fear and a palpable mistrust. Who are they? What do they want? And the questions are charged with further suspicion as the idea of Islam being an expansionist religion is intoned. Do these people want to Islamise our country?

The campaign against the minarets was fuelled by just these anxieties and allegations. Voters were drawn to the cause by a manipulative appeal to popular fears and emotions. Posters featured a woman wearing a burka with the minarets drawn as weapons on a colonised Swiss flag. The claim was made that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with Swiss values. (The UDC has in the past demanded my citizenship be revoked because I was defending Islamic values too openly.) Its media strategy was simple but effective. Provoke controversy wherever it can be inflamed. Spread a sense of victimhood among the Swiss people: we are under siege, the Muslims are silently colonising us and we are losing our very roots and culture. This strategy worked. The Swiss majority are sending a clear message to their Muslim fellow citizens: we do not trust you and the best Muslim for us is the Muslim we cannot see.

グローバル化に伴うヨーロッパ人のアイデンティティの揺らぎ。右翼はそれにつけ込んで、俺たちの国はムスリムの殖民地になっている!という「被害者感覚(a sense of victimhood)」を植え付けようとする。
ところで、前回引用した『朝日』の記事には、「今回の国民投票は、移民規制などを訴えてきた右翼的傾向が強い国民党が主導」。この「国民党」はUnion Démocratique du Centre (UDC)の日本語訳なの? 直訳すれば、「中央民主同盟」だと思うのだけど。UDCのサイトは、