Khaled Diab on Christian Fundamentalism

 Khaled Diab*1”A Christian jihad?”

テロが起こる度に「イスラーム化」の「恐怖」が語られるが、Khaled Diab氏は先ず、

Despite what the selective reading of some surveys might suggest, most western Muslims share the same liberal values as the rest of society and radical Islam appeals only to a small minority. Political Islam can and does pose a threat to secular values - but in Muslim countries, not here. In Europe, we need to look west for our religious menaces.
という。そして、「西」に目を向けるよう促す。言及されるのは、「反中絶団体」のOperation Rescueの創始者であるRandall Terryであり、最近亡くなったJerry Falwell*2であり、右翼のライターであるAnn Coulterである。

It would be folly to dismiss these voices as a lunatic fringe, particularly given the string of victories Christian fundamentalists have scored over the last quarter of a century or so. After all, the current US president famously claimed that he was told by God to fight al-Qaida and invade Iraq.

In the Muslim world, it took one disgruntled intellectual, Sayyid Qutb, and one book, which he produced while in political detention being tortured, to transform the benign grassroots movement of the Muslim Brotherhood as conceived by Hassan al-Banna into the deadly ideology of takfir in which all Muslim societies were declared heathen and worthy of violence.

Could this happen in Christianity?

Well, the idea that mainstream society is hedonistic and ungodly is a common refrain among Christian fundamentalists in America. Their earlier response, as in the 1950s, was usually to withdraw from society. The civil rights movement and sexual liberties of the 1960s brought them out of hibernation. And the subsequent liberalisation and secularisation of society has terrified them. Some, such as anti-abortion activists, have taken the law into their own hands.

として、2003年に中絶手術を行っていた医師を殺害して、死刑に処せられたArmy of Godという団体のPaul Hillに言及する。彼は死に赴く際に”I expect a great reward in heaven”という言葉を遺した。彼は〈自爆テロ〉を行うイスラーム戦士と同じマンタリテを共有している。また、”Even as late in the day as 1979, few saw Iran's Islamic revolution coming and Iran was wrongly viewed as a stable and secular society by many in the west.”ともいう。
ではどうするのか――”We should not stigmatise or further marginalise religious extremists, as the strident atheists seem to be encouraging, but we should dialogue with them and show them that their fears are exaggerated and misplaced.” (Karen Armstrong の言説を援用する)Khaled Diab氏によれば、ファンダメンタリストを動機付けるものは「恐怖(dread)」や「不安」である。例えば、”we throw off the shackles of tradition, science takes us into uncharted frontiers, the religious become more embattled and the world appears to become a more dangerous place”というような。