Inherent Vice

康慨「這是最易読的品欽小説」(『東方早報』2009年8月5日)によって知ったのだが、トマス・ピンチョンの新作Inherent Viceが発売された。

Michiko Kakutani “Another Doorway to the Paranoid Pynchon Dimension”

彼女はこの小説は”Pynchon Lite”だとした上で、” a simple shaggy-dog detective story that pits likable dopers against the Los Angeles Police Department and its “countersubversive” agents, a novel in which paranoia is less a political or metaphysical state than a byproduct of smoking too much weed”と要約する。また曰く、

“Inherent Vice” not only reminds us how rooted Mr. Pynchon’s authorial vision is in the ’60s and ’70s, but it also demystifies his work, underscoring the similarities that his narratives — which mix high and low cultural allusions, silly pranks and gnomic historical references, mischievous puns, surreal dreamlike sequences and a playful sense of the absurd — share with the work of artists like Bob Dylan, Ken Kesey, Jack Kerouac and even Richard Brautigan.
上の『東方早報』の記事によると、批判的なレヴューとして、Sam Anderson “Incoherent Vice”(New York Magazine, August 2 2009)*1があるという。

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