Interpreting biblically


ボブ・ディランの”Changing of the Guards”について、DJacques75さんという方の

Dylan can write some cryptic lyrics, but the meaning of this one practically jumped off the page at me when I first heard it at age 12.

The song is evidence of how Christianized Dylan had already become by early 1978. The song is kind of a poetically history of Israel. Picture Yahweh as the "captain" and Israel as the " beloved maid" who was "torn between Jupiter and Apollo" (conquered by pagans) who "lifted her veil" (defiled her with pagan practices.)

Then think of the Christian imagery later in the song, i.e. "she wakes him up 48 hours later" (48 hours, give or take a few, after the Crucifixion) "near broken chains" (of sin) "...and rolling rocks" (no, not the beer, the stone at the mouth of Christ's tomb.)

The Changing of the Guards is the New Covenant. The final verse portends the final defeat of evil by this Covenant. (The King and Queen of Swords are tarot cards and can be taken to represent occult practices.)

I must mention for reputation's sake that I am NOT a Christian, and there are a few verses that may be there simply for poetry rather than allegory. Still, the basic theme of the song is exceedingly clear imo.

という解釈を見つけた。ところで、”captain”がヤハウェで、”a beloved maid”がイスラエルだとすると、”a beloved maid”の顔が”ebony”だったというのはどう解するのだろうかとも思ってしまう。”ebony”は黒人を形容し・言い換える常套句だと思う。聖書関連の用語では、最終ヴァースの”wheels of fire”は『ダニエル書』から、”rolling rocks”はグノーシス主義文書である『トマス福音書』から*2。ともあれ、1970年代後半から80年代前半はディランが宗教的に揺れた時期でもあった。基督教への改宗とユダヤ教への復帰。
パティ・スミス姐さんは、”Nine verses of images seeming to reflect the tarot of the Bohemians, the brief life of Joan of Arc, and somehow abstractly, Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues.”と書いている。