Archbishop’s Rejoinder

Rowan Williamsカンタベリー大司教のリチャード・ドーキンズへの反論。Observerの記事;

Archbishop: Dawkins got religion wrong

Anushka Asthana
Sunday October 14, 2007

Critics of religion were criticised last night by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, who said the way in which Christians viewed God had been misinterpreted.

Speaking at a lecture at Swansea University's Taliesin Arts Centre, Williams described religious belief as 'naturally self-critical' which was a point that contemporary critics such as evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, often missed. 'There are specific areas of mismatch between what Dawkins may write about and what religious people think they are doing,' he said.

Williams was referring to Dawkins's book, The God Delusion, in which the atheist scientist attacks God 'in all his forms' arguing that belief in a supernatural entity is irrational. Williams said that God is real for believers and existed before the universe did. He said Dawkins had 'picked up on' the fact that theologians talk about God as a simple explanation but if God was around before the Big Bang, 'he must be complex'.

'Don't distract us from the real arguments by assuming that religion is an eccentric survival strategy or irrational form of explanation,' Williams said. 'Our culture is one that deeply praises science, so we assume because someone is a good scientist, they must be a good philosopher. My inner jury is out on that.',,330953930-102285,00.html

もっと詳しい事情を知りたいということはあるのだけれど、Rowanという名前を聞くと、先ずMr. Beanの方を思い出してしまうというのはどういうことか。