How to translate Sontack

泉谷由梨子、古家郷「【森友学園】「忖度」は英語でどう通訳された? 籠池氏会見で外国人記者に」

森友学園籠池泰典理事長*1の「日本外国特派員協会」での記者会見で*2、通訳による「忖度」*3 英訳の混乱で議論が一時立ち往生し、山口貴士弁護士*4が助け舟を出したのだという;

I think he is missing a couple of words, what he is trying to say is, when he said he was doing “sontaku”, that something done by people around him, and not by Abe. “Sontaku” is not a word that you use by yourself. When you say “sontaku,” Abe is probably, people around, or you know, people who are underlings of Abe.

Sontack me, please!


That's sontack, I see.


*1:See also

*2:ハフィントンポスト編集部「【森友学園】籠池理事長「わけのわからんことが起こっている」 証人喚問後に記者会見(生中継)」

*3:Mentioned or used in

*4:See also