Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau, Grammy-winning jazz, pop and R&B singer, dies at 76”


In a 2014 interview with the Arizona Republic, Jarreau discussed his crossover tendencies.

“I grew up in Milwaukee,” he said, “and I took it all in. I want it all. Don’t cut me off at the pass and say I can’t listen to Muddy Waters because I’m a jazzer. Or I can’t listen to Garth Brooks because I’m a jazzer. Get out of here.”

Music was not always his focus. Jarreau was an athlete who earned a master’s degree in vocal rehabilitation and started his career as a counselor in San Francisco, playing jazz on the side. He did not record his first album until he was 35.

“His second priority in life was music,” read a statement on the singer’s website on Sunday. “There was no third. His first priority, far ahead of the other, was healing or comforting anyone in need.”

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