BBC on History Education in Japan

Mariko Oi “What Japanese history lessons leave out”

日本の中等教育における歴史教育(特に近現代史)について。(これはずっと以前から言われてきたことだが)時間がない。近代に行きつく前に学期(学年)が終わってしまう。ここでは”two opposing camps in a debate about what should be taught in Japanese schools”を代表するという藤岡正勝*1と松岡環*2にインタヴューがされている。この松岡という方については知らなかった。
このMariko Oi という方は、中学・高校を「聖心」で過ごした方であるようだ。「聖心」における歴史教育のポリシーについて;

When I returned recently to my old school, Sacred Heart in Tokyo, teachers told me they often have to start hurrying, near the end of the year, to make sure they have time for World War II.

"When I joined Sacred Heart as a teacher, I was asked by the principal to make sure that I teach all the way up to modern history," says my history teacher from Year Eight.

"We have strong ties with our sister schools in the Asian region so we want our students to understand Japan's historical relationship with our neighbouring countries."

I still remember her telling the class, 17 years ago, about the importance of Japan's war history and making the point that many of today's geopolitical tensions stem from what happened then.


David Edgar “The British history new citizens must learn: no radicals, no homosexuals, no Holocaust”

は英国の新移民用のガイドブックLife in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents*3の歴史記述の部分への批判。