Music For Tourists

Music For Tourists

ジャケ買いしたChris GarneauのMusic For Tourists*1、実際に聴いてみて、とてもよかった。ダウナーな曲調、Chris Garneau自身のピアノとBen Kalbのチェロを前面に出した音、そして歌い方。初めて聴いている筈なのに、すごく馴染みがあるように感じる。少し考えて、これはトーリ・エイモス姐さん*2の世界だよねと思い至った。歌詞を本格的に読んでみると、徹底的にネガティヴ。例えば1曲目の”Castle-Time”;

Men doing men-thing times
Chewing candy and tobacco times
Drinking harpoon pints
Tossing nickels & dimes

They're looking for exit signs
They're looking for lucky nines
They're talking in boring rhymes
damn, they're keeping up old times

My teacher died
Even the frying pan cried
rain fell slow according to castle-time
I was only nine


Let's cry about it
Let's cry about it
You can cry about it
Don't be embarrassed
I won't laugh at you

The river flows north and winds
Travelling south you hit wind-time
The passers-by are not kind
But the sky's sublime