Tony Judt

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筋萎縮性側索硬化症(ALS、通称「ルー・ゲーリッグ病」)を患っていた思想史家のTony Judt氏がマンハッタンにて逝去。享年62歳。エドワード・サイードのときもそうだったけれど、難病と闘っていたとはいえ、62歳とは若すぎないか。
『ガーディアン』のJamie Dowardの記事から、

Not that he appeared to care what others thought. "I'm regarded outside New York University as a looney tunes leftie, self-hating Jewish communist; inside the university, I'm regarded as a typical, old-fashioned, white male liberal elitist," he said recently. "I like that. I'm on the edge of both, it makes me feel comfortable."