Andrew Keen @Newsweek

 Steven LEVY “Dawn of the Amateurs” Newsweek March 26 2007, p.50

6月にThe Cult of the Amateursという著書*1を上梓するらしいAndrew Keen氏は(Steve Levyによれば)以下のようなことを主張しているという;

In his view, the entire Internet movement involving “collective intelligence,” “citizen journalism” and “the wisdom of crowds” is a cultural meltdown, an instance of barbarians at civilization’s gates. He considers Wikipedia, the popular Internet-based encyclopedia written and vetted by anyone who cares to contribute, as no more reliable than the output of a million monkeys banging away at their typewriters(….)
それに対するSteve Levyの反論;

But much of his argument seems to blame the Internet for allowing freedom to flourish. Just as the printing press was disruptive in its time, the ubiquity of the Net and the cheap tools that give voice to anyone—whether talented or not—has kicked off a period of creative ferment. The optimists among us believe that the cream will rise to the top; Keen speaks for the pessimists who believe that the bloviators will drive out the investigative journalists, Craigslist*2 will shoot down the newspapers and an army of half-witted YouTubers may block the ascent of the next Alfred Hitchcock.
また、この記事で昨年The New Yorkerの記事が暴露したWikipediaにおける”Essjay”騒動というのを知った。
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*1:“poison-pen letter to Web 2.0”と紹介されている。