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The University of California Press is pleased to announce the publication

Languages and Nations: The Dravidian Proof in Colonial Madras

Thomas R. Trautmann is Marshall D. Sahlins Collegiate Professor of
History and Anthropology at the University of Michigan. Among his
books are _Aryans and British India_ (UC Press, 1997), _Lewis Henry
Morgan and the Invention of Kinship _(UC Press, 1987), and _Dravidian
Kinship_ (1981).

British rule of India brought together two very different traditions
of scholarship about language, whose conjuncture led to several
intellectual breakthroughs of lasting value. Two of these were
especially important: the conceptualization of the Indo-European
language family by Sir William Jones at Calcutta in 1786-proposing
that Sanskrit is related to Persian and languages of Europe-and the
conceptualization of the Dravidian language family of South India by
F.W. Ellis at Madras in 1816-the "Dravidian proof," showing that the
languages of South India are related to one another but are not
derived from Sanskrit. These concepts are valid still today,
centuries later.

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