Akram Aylisli detained

Alison Flood “Azerbaijan detains writer Akram Aylisli at airport on way to festival” http://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/mar/30/azerbaijan-akram-aylisli-airport-incroci-di-civilta-festival

3月30日、アゼルバイジャンのバクー空港で、伊太利のヴェネツィアで開催される文学フェスティヴァル Incroci di Civiltà に参加するために出国しようとしていた作家のAkram Aylisli 氏*1が警察に拘束された*2。Akram Aylisli 氏は2012年にアルメニア人虐殺問題を扱った中篇小説『石の夢たち』を発表して以来、徹底的な迫害を受けていた;

Before he published Stone Dreams, Aylisli had been awarded a host of prizes in Azerbaijan. But the release of the story saw his title of People’s Writer withdrawn, his pension revoked and his writing removed from school curriculums. His wife and son lost their jobs, his books were burned and a reward was offered to anyone who would cut off his ear.
また、Akram Aylisli 氏は2014年にはノーベル平和賞の候補になっている*3

Aylisli was nominated for the Nobel peace prize in 2014 by a host of academics, as the “first Turkic author to write a novel about the Armenian genocide”, referring to the Turkic ethnic group spread throughout western Asia, including Turkey.

“Many Turkish writers – such as Nâzim Hikmet and Orhan Pamuk – told the truth about the genocide, but Mr Aylisli was the first to express that pain in a literary work which is very personal, deep and hard-won,” the academics wrote to the Norwegian Nobel committee at the time.

“The Azerbaijani authorities burn the paper on which this hard truth was printed and try to oppress its author. But strange as it might seem, the artistic truth can be more powerful than the repressive state apparatus, more powerful than military force and mass media.”

Damien McGuinness “Azeri writer Akram Aylisli hounded for 'pro-Armenian' book” http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-21459091

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