Agence France-Presse “Uzbek museum sold off artworks over 15 years and replaced them with copies”

ウズベキスタン国立美術館」の「主任学藝員」らが、1999年から2014年までの15年間に亙って、美術館が所蔵する露西亜、蘇聯、ヨーロッパの美術作品を密かに売り払い、レプリカをその代わりに展示していたことが発覚した。但し、これは主犯格のMirfayz Usmonov主任学藝員に懲役9年の判決が下ったという報道なので、実際の発覚はさらに以前ということになるだろう。

Between 1999 and 2014, museum workers replaced several original works by Russian and Soviet avant-garde artists, including Alexander Nikolayev, Richard-Karl Sommer and Victor Ufimtsev, who had lived and worked in Uzbekistan last century.

They sold them to unidentified clients for $100 to $800 each, the report said.

They also sold 25 originals by European artists, including the Italian Renaissance painter and sculptor Lorenzo di Credi.