Theo Angelopoulos

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Theo Angelopoulos, an award-winning Greek filmmaker known for his slow and dreamlike style as a director, has been killed in a road accident while working on his latest movie. He was 76.

Police and hospital officials said Angelopoulos suffered serious head injuries and died at a hospital after being hit by a motorcycle while walking across a road near a movie set near Athens' main port of Piraeus.

The driver, also injured and hospitalised, was later identified as an off-duty police officer.

The accident occurred while Angelopoulos was working on his upcoming movie "The Other Sea."

Angelopoulos had won numerous awards for his movies, mostly at European film festivals, during a career that spanned more than 40 years.

In 1995, he won the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for "Ulysses' Gaze," starring American actor Harvey Keitel.

エレニの旅 [DVD]

エレニの旅 [DVD]

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