Pink Lady

Benjamin Haas “North Korea’s ‘pink lady’: the newscaster set to announce the end of the world”

北朝鮮の或るおばはんが注目されている。朝鮮中央TVのアナウンサー、Ri Chun-hee*1。ピンクのチマチョゴリを身に纏っているところから、Pink Ladyとも呼ばれる。北朝鮮にとっての重大な出来事は大方彼女のアナウンスによって伝えられる。勿論、9月3日の「水爆」実験も*2。「黙示録もテレヴィ中継されるだろう」、彼女の声によって。

The 74-year-old is known as “the people’s broadcaster” and is partial to bright pink outfits. She typically sports a hanbok, traditional Korean attire, although she has been seen in western-style suits, complete with shoulder pads and, of course, in her trademark colour. Her thunderous voice speaks for the regime in a country where leader Kim Jong-un rarely addresses his people directly. But who is the “pink lady” of North Korea?

Ri was born in 1943 into a poor family in Tongchong in what is now southeastern North Korea and studied performance art at Pyongyang University of Theatre. She joined KCTV in 1971 and was promoted to chief news presenter just three years later. Over several decades, she has dodged demotions and survived political purges – common pitfalls for any job in North Korea – that ended the careers of many of her colleagues.

Her melodramatic delivery has reportedly won Ri the admiration of current leader Kim Jong-un, essential for surviving under what experts describe as the most brutal regime to date. She rarely departs from her bellicose style, though she wept on air when announcing the death of North Korea’s first leader Kim Il-sung, and the subsequent passing of his son and successor, Kim Jong-il.

Although she officially retired in 2012, Ri has made occasional comebacks for important military announcements and now spends most of her time training the next generation of presenters.

Before her retirement, she was a regular fixture on the nightly news, beamed into homes across the country announcing the daily happenings of the country’s leader: visits to steel mills, tours of cabbage fields and inspections of military bases.

In a rare profile in 2009, the state-run Chosun Monthly magazine reported that she lives a life of luxury in Pyongyang with her husband, children and grandchildren.