Si Newhouse

Martin Pengelly “Si Newhouse, media baron who ran Condé Nast, dies aged 89”
“Si Newhouse Passes Away at Age 89”

アンナ・ウィンター(『ヴォーグ』編集長)*2 のコメント;

“Si Newhouse was the most extraordinary leader,” said Anna Wintour, Condé Nast artistic director and Editor in Chief of Vogue. “Wherever he led, I followed, unquestioningly, simply because he put as much faith in me as I had in him. Si never looked at data or statistics, but went with his instincts and expected his editors to do the same. He urged us to take risks and was effusive in his praise when they paid off. Every time I’d preview the latest issue of Vogue with him, he’d encourage me to go for the less expected cover, the more compelling image. Yet there was nothing showy about the way Si led. This humble, thoughtful, highly idiosyncratic man, quite possibly the least judgmental person I’ve ever known, preferred family, friends, art, movies, and his beloved pugs over the flashiness of the New York media world. His personality shaped the entire company. It might have been a huge global media entity, yet Si, who arrived at 4 a.m. every day in an unchanging uniform, ran it like his own personal and very benevolent fiefdom. We’d regularly have lunch—lunches which were scheduled by him six months in advance—and he’d arrive with a yellow legal pad, with maybe three words written on it. So few words, yet somehow, they encapsulated so many lessons, lessons which I still strive to put into practice every day I come to work.”

Newhouse attended the elite Horace Mann high school*4 in the Bronx. Among his classmates was Roy Cohn, a lifelong friend who went on to become a New York powerbroker, aide to the infamous Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy and mentor to the young Donald Trump*5.