Francis Fukuyama on Japanese Nationalism

“The trouble with Japanese nationalism”

先ず、「靖国」については「A級戦犯」合祀よりも”war museum”つまり遊就館*1が問題なのだという。また、フクヤマ氏と「日本の右翼」との出会いについて、

My exposure to the Japanese right came in the early 1990s, when I was on a couple of panels in Japan with Watanabe Soichi, who was selected by my Japanese publisher (unbeknownst to me) to translate my book "The End of History and the Last Man" into Japanese. Watanabe, a professor at Sophia University, was a collaborator of Shintaro Ishihara, the nationalist politician who wrote "The Japan That Can Say No" and is now the governor of Tokyo. In the course of a couple of encounters, I heard him explain in front of public audiences how the people of Manchuria had tears in their eyes when the occupying Kwantung Army left China, so grateful were they to Japan. According to Watanabe, the Pacific War boiled down to race, as the US was determined to keep a non-white people down. Watanabe is the equivalent of a Holocaust denier, but, unlike his German counterparts, he draws large and sympathetic audiences. (I am regularly sent books by Japanese writers that "explain" how the Nanjing Massacre was a big fraud.)
と書かれている。文中の”Watanabe Soichi”は正しくはWatanabe Shoichiであろう。漢字で書けば渡部昇一

A number of American strategists are eager to ring China with a Nato-like defensive barrier, building outward from the US-Japan Security Treaty. Since the final days of the Cold War, the US has been pushing Japan to re-arm, and has officially supported a proposed revision of Article 9 of the post-war constitution, which bans Japan from having a military or waging war. But America should be careful about what it wishes for. The legitimacy of the entire American military position in the Far East is built around the US exercising Japan's sovereign function of self-defence. Japan's unilateral revision of Article 9, viewed against the backdrop of its new nationalism, would isolate Japan from virtually the whole of Asia. Revising Article 9 has long been part of Abe's agenda, but whether he pushes ahead with it will depend in large part on the kind of advice he gets from close friends in the US.
ところで、文中に”Mitsubishi Zero”という表記あり。所謂零戦のことだが、英語圏ではこのようにメーカー名をつけていうことはけっこう普通の言い方なのか。