Eva Corlett “Rare ‘Wicked’ bible that encourages adultery discovered in New Zealand

十戒のうちの第7、「汝姦淫する勿れ(Thou shalt not commit adultery)」のnotがなくて、「汝姦淫すべし(Thou shalt commit adultery)」になっている聖書が新西蘭のクライストチャーチで発見された。南半球では初めてのこと。

The 1631 “Wicked” Bible, as it has become known, omits the word “not” from its seventh commandment, informing readers “thou shalt commit adultery”. One thousand copies of the text, which also came to be known as the Adulterous or Sinners’ Bible, were printed, with the error only discovered a year later.

Upon discovery of the mistake, the printers Robert Barker and Martin Lucas were summoned by King Charles I and hauled before the court, where they were admonished for the scandalous typo and sloppy workmanship. They were stripped of their printing licence, had a £300 fine held over their heads for years (though it was eventually quashed) and most of the texts were destroyed. Only about 20 remain in circulation.

The bibles do come up for auction from time to time mostly in Britain or US, but this is the first time one has been discovered in the southern hemisphere, says the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. The university was first informed of its existence in 2018 but chose to keep the discovery under wraps until now to allow researchers and book conservers enough time to study and preserve the book.