Shirley Douglas


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Dino-Ray Ramos “Shirley Douglas Dies: Actress, Activist And Mother Of Kiefer Sutherland Was 86” *3から;

As an activist, she was part of the American Civil Rights Movement, which campaigned against the Vietnam War. She was an ally to immigrants, advocated for women and established the fundraising group “Friends of the Black Panthers”. She also was an advocate for publicly funded healthcare over privatized care in Canada. She was also named an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2003.

Douglas moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1967 after marrying actor Donald Sutherland. She became involved in the American Civil Rights Movement, the campaign against the Vietnam War, and later on behalf of immigrants and women. She helped establish the fundraising group "Friends of the Black Panthers". In 1969, she was arrested in Los Angeles, for Conspiracy to Possess Unregistered Explosives, after she allegedly attempted to purchase hand grenades for the Black Panthers. She claimed that the FBI was trying to frame her and spent five days in jail. Subsequently, the U.S. government denied her a work permit based on this incident. Douglas, by then divorced from Sutherland, was forced to leave the U.S. in 1977. She and her three children moved to Toronto.] The courts eventually dismissed the case and exonerated her.

Douglas’ co-founded the first chapter in Canada of the Performing Artists for Nuclear Disarmament.

As the daughter of Tommy Douglas, who brought Medicare to Canada, she was also one of Canada's most prominent activists in favour of the publicly funded health care system over privatized care. In the 2006 Canadian federal election, Douglas campaigned on behalf of the federal New Democratic Party. In 2012, she supported Brian Topp for that party's leadership.