Professor Poo

Justin McCurry “Poo-themed educational book becomes bestseller in Japan”


Written Japanese comprises 2,136 “regular-use” Chinese-based characters – or kanji – and the hiragana and katakana phonetic scripts. Hiragana is made up of 46 base characters that are often used as particles or to inflect verbs and adjectives. The same number of basic katakana symbols are commonly used to write foreign loan words.

Japan’s children – among the most numerate and literate in the world – are supposed to be able to read and write 1,006 kanji after six years of primary school education, starting at age 6. To help them reach that goal, and prepare them for memorising the remaining 1,130 characters before they complete their their formal education at 15, the book includes the word “poo” in every one of its 3,018 sample sentences.

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